Cookies update

The Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) acknowledged that the introduction of the new legal framework on cookies presented businesses with considerable technical, legal and organisational challenges. Many online service providers, retailers and advertising networks have come to rely on cookies for carrying out essential as well as non-essential website functions. To facilitate this process the ICO announced in May 2011 that it would grant businesses a lead-in period of 12 months to allow them to develop ways of meeting the cookie-related requirements of the revised Regulations. This lead-in period ended in May 2012. In May 2012, just before the expiry of the lead-in period, the ICO published revised guidance on the rules on use of cookies and similar technologies. The 2012 guidance is identical in almost all respects to the revised guidance published in December 2011, with the exception of the ICO’s advice on the use of implied consent.

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