A career with Novalex

Novalex welcomes new associates, with at least ten years’ experience who have real specialist expertise. Because Novalex is a virtual law firm, those who work under its umbrella must be conscientious, diligent and confident to work on their own unsupervised. Our assessment criteria for Novalex lawyers are stringent, however we are always interested in talking to senior solicitors seeking to join a virtual law practice.

Unfortunately, due to the operational nature of virtual law, we are unable to offer training contracts. However Novalex does have a careers advice and counselling service where potential trainees may talk to an experienced professional and discuss their personal development.

Similarly we offer a service to qualified lawyers have been practicing for many years and who feel that they could benefit from counselling and/or coaching. Novalex can help. With our breadth of experience, we can provide you with a sympathetic ear, understanding guidance and coaching. The cost of these services is modest and tailored to the requirements of the individual. Contact us for more details..

Careers advice…

Professional mentoring…

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