A virtual law firm

Novalex Solicitors is a virtual law firm – a network of experienced, qualified solicitors.

Novalex lawyers have all been qualified for at least ten years within their different specialisms. The lawyers in the Novalex network are selected very carefully and we only choose those who have demonstrated their ability in their chosen area of law. Equally importantly, we only work with lawyers who share our values of integrity and openness, and who put the client’s interests first at all times.

Some from our network choose to promote themselves through Novalex. Others prefer to work with Novalex clients only when their expertise is specifically called for. At other times they may be working with other virtual or traditional legal practices.

Should the Novalex network not cover the specialist area of legal work that you require, we will be happy to help you source an external expert, always maintaining our high standards to ensure that you get the best possible service at a cost that represents good value.

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