Working practices

In order to keep costs as low as possible, we make use of modern technology to carry out your work. You can brief your Novalex solicitor traditionally at a face-to-face meeting, using the telephone, by email, Skype or video conferencing. We work with whatever best suits our clients.

Many lawyers within our network operate from a dedicated home office. This minimises expenses and reduces the overheads which traditionally have accrued on solicitors’ bills. Novalex’s systems mean that their work can be vetted more closely than it would be in a traditional law firm and this ensures that they are always working in accordance with the Solicitor’s Regulation Authority’s stringent requirements relating to conduct, processes and operations.

Other elements that previously added to the cost of legal work, like postage and printing, are mostly absent. Digital communication is faster and more efficient; this means that your work will be done quicker than otherwise might be the case.

All contact you have concerning your legal work will be direct with the solicitor who is doing the work. You have a personal one-to-one relationship with a specialist and highly-qualified lawyer. There are no secretaries, junior staff members or assistants to come between you and your solicitor.

We have found that by working in this way our clients get the best possible service, delivered speedily and at the least cost.

Novalex is registered with The Law Society, regulated by the Solicitors Regulation Authority and carries the same levels of professional indemnity insurance that you would expect from a traditional legal practice.

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